Dump Internet Explorer

Yes, it's time to move to a better browser

April 28th, 2014: Department of Homeland Defense warns against using Internet Explorer (see article)

Dump Internet Explorer

That’s right! After discovering a vulnerability that affects version 6-11 of Internet Explorer, the US Department of Homeland Security warned that using Internet Explorer should be avoided. According to reports, the vulnerability, called CVE-2014-1776, has the ability to allow a hacker the same ownership rights as you… effectively allowing the hacker to take over your computer! Yeah, that is scary stuff!

Yet Another Awesome Reason to Dump Internet Explorer

Over the past several years, the web has changed. Other browsers, including Firefox and Chrome, have come along and pushed the status quo, quickly adopting HTML5 and CSS3. While these browsers were making the most of what the web could do, Internet Explorer sat around and waited. After all, they controlled a vast majority of market share, so why change?

Today, Internet Explorer accounts for less than 10% of internet browser usage. Chrome is now leading the way with nearly 60% of the market. And there is great reason why! Chrome is powered by the same architecture as Apple’s Safari, works beautifully across all platforms and is quick and secure.

If you are still using Internet Explorer, it may be time to look at a few alternatives. You will get a better browsing experience… believe me, we develop for all browsers… IE is the one we have to fix the most for!

Alternative Web Browsers to Review

When it comes to alternative web browsers, there are 2 that we feel are worthy of recommendation:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Firefox

Take a look at both of these and try them out. Both are free and come with a lot of great add-ons!

You may find yet another reason to dump Internet Explorer!