Fairway Mortgage of Charlotte

A case study for website design, development and mobile

Meet Fairway Mortgage Charlotte

Fairway Mortgage of Charlotte is a local mortgage company offering purchase and refinance loans, including FHA and USDA mortgages.


The Fairway website offers a variety of help and information for home owners and home buyers. From mortgage loan information and mortgage calculators, to a full directory of loan officers and an online application, this website is set up to help clients from beginning to end, and to encourage interaction from the start.

The Problem

Fairway Mortgage is a repeat client. They loved the original website we created for them, but in this second version of the client's website, they wanted to add a bit more functionality and update the design to a more clean and modern look. Mobile access, updated mortgage calculators, an expansive directory of staff and mortgage loan officers and a better way of managing the online application were some of the top items needed for the website. More social media prominence was desired as well.

The Solution

Starting with the original design, Red Creative Marketing updated the look and feel of the site to be more clean and modern. We updated the design to include better social media integration. Other items added to the site, from design to development, included a full staff directory and more flexibility in the call to action areas and header images.

The staff directory was reworked from the ground up and included a full bio for each staff member. With each staff member bio page, we displayed the team member's bio, contact information, social network connections, licensing information, location and job title and, if applicable, a link to begin an application with that team member. When viewing on a mobile device, the bio area would collapse to an accordion feature so that the content did not seem to go on forever. Additional coding was done on the back end of the website to make the interface of all this information easy to manage and update, even for the most novice of users. And each team member was given access to edit the content of their profile as needed, without directly accessing anyone else's content.

A New Look, More Functionality and Mobile Responsive... the Client Loved the Final Result!

The header image area was also completely reworked. The system allows an unlimited number of header images and links to be added to the rotation. To prevent a tremendous load time, the number shown was limited to 5 at a time, and the system would randomly choose the five from the stored library. Each time the site loads, a new variety of images in the header would be shown. However, control to require certain images were added to ensure a special message or offer would always be shown, while the system would pull any remaining of the 5 randomly from the library. With the addition of Success Stories (basically, testimonials), we offered the option to upload a great photo from the testimonial, and if selected, allowed that photo to be shown in the rotation as well.

With the Success Stories, we programmed these to be categorized by type. For example, if the testimonial was from a first time home buyer, it was marked for that category. Other categories would include refinance clients, REALTORS and other related categories. These categories would then be tied into specific pages throughout the website to reinforce the message of those pages. For example, a page about the First Time Home Buyer programs would show Success Stories from other FTHB clients to help bring the message to the forefront.

In the end, the new Fairway Mortgage of Charlotte website was much more powerful, flexible and set up to really focus content and spur prospects into becoming clients.

Project Completion:
After Photo - Fairway Mortgage Charlotte