Wagger Walkers

A case study in website design, development & training

Meet Wagger Walkers

Wagger Walkers is a locally owned and operated pet sitting and dog walking service. They take great pride in the care provided for their clients with a mission to provide unconditional love and care for pets in the best manner possible equal to the pet's owners.

Wagger Walkers Final

Wagger Walkers serves Matthews and Charlotte, NC, providing professional love and care for pets when you can't be there. If you are in need of Pet Sitting, Dog Walking or In-Home Overnight Staying Services in the Charlotte area, you will want to check them out!

The Problem

The client’s website was poorly coded and the design was severely lacking. The client was unable to get their website ranked in the search engines, and even when potential clients found the site, the look and feel did not convey the professional manner and attention that she provides for her clients.

The Solution

Red Creative Marketing redesigned the website with a fresh, clean and professional design. Care was taken to ensure that the client’s message of love and care for the client’s pets were conveyed in a professional manner. The site was developed using a cutting edge content management system. Our Search Engine Optimization Training provided the client with all the tools needed to help her achieve her goal of getting ranked well in the search engines. In the end, the client got a fantastic website that she can be proud of for years to come.

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Project Start:
Before Photo - Wagger Walkers
Project Completion:
After Photo - Wagger Walkers