WordPress Upgrade Service

making sure your WordPress website is upgraded safely

What is the WordPress Upgrade Service?

The Red Creative Marketing WordPress Upgrade Service is designed to ensure your WordPress powered website is safely upgraded and running smoothly.

WordPress Upgrade Service

With our WordPress Upgrade Service, do more than just click the upgrade button. Before anything, we will do a complete backup of the website, both the code and database. Once we have backed up the site, we will employ any updates, both for WordPress and any plugins that may be activated on the site. Once updated, we will do a quick run through of the site to ensure all is running well and there are no obvious errors as a result of the upgrade.

Why Use Our WordPress Upgrade Service?

Of course, you can certainly upgrade your WordPress website on your own. But please, don’t just push the upgrade button! Be sure to back everything up first. Why? Well, in most cases, all goes well with the upgrade and you are good to go. However, on occasion, themes and plugins may have issues with the upgrade and there will be errors, some even fatal to the website. Without a backup, you may be in real trouble and lose everything!

With our WordPress Upgrade Service, if an obvious problem shows up immediately after we have done the upgrade, we will attempt to diagnose the issue, and if we can make a quick fix, we will do it for you at no additional cost. If the problems require a larger solution, we will revert to the backup and provide you with solutions to correct the problem. Either way, your website is still functional until the correction can be made. We can even do the upgrade on our test servers so your live website is not affected by a possible error during the upgrade!

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